Feel Confused?
Want Things to Change?
Think Things are Hopeless and Won't Change?
There is Hope and Answers!

When all else fails, read the Instructions.

But, sometimes the instructions are confusing, or forgotten, or nobody cares.

That's where Serenity Place Counseling comes in. A caring counselor can guide you through a maze of decisions, and open a whole new world for you.

A calm, loving life is waiting for you. The counselors at Serenity Place Counseling can  help YOU find the answers and make the changes!

Who seeks Counseling?

Individuals, couples and families often face stress during significant life changes. Death of a loved one, separation, divorce, job loss, relocation, illness, trauma, conflict, step-parenting, marriage of family quarrels. Feelings of anxiety, depression, confusion or hopelessness never need to be your only companion. If you reach out for help, there is someone here who will take your hand.

To help you achieve Serenity,
Courage and Wisdom for better life choices

1031 West Pearl

Granbury, TX 76048